The Greatest Thing You Can Do in 2023

Paul knew Jesus. He experienced him personally on the road to Damascus. Paul was inspired. Paul had the Spirit. Paul had visions. Paul knew Jesus but there was still much to learn and Paul’s deep desire was to come to know Him more! Paul wrote this about knowing Jesus, “But whatever were gains to me […]

Preaching Philippians – A Reflection

This Sunday I am wrapping up a sermon series on Philippians. Philippians has long been one of my favorite books of the New Testament but I had never preached through it before. There were a few things that stand out in retrospect. First is partnership. The word for this is koinonia, often translated “fellowship” but […]

Yertle the Turtle, Greco-Roman Meals and Jesus

The great poet and part-time theologian Doctor Seuss told the story about societal pecking orders, abuse of authority and how complex systems of hegemony and hierarchy can come crashing down by the simple acts of the little guy at the bottom of the pile. The story is Yertle the turtle. The antagonist is King Yertle […]

Jonah Just Taught Us a Valuable Lesson About God

We were doing yard work this morning and we had a big yard bag of leaves on the driveway. Jonah wanted to pull it over to the house so he started yanking on the yellow pull cord. It wouldn’t budge. He got a little frustrated until finally I went over and grabbed the other pull […]

Writing Small Group Curriculum on Philippians

Here are the resources I am referencing for writing our small group curriculum on Philippians. Anything I am missing that you have found helpful? Philippians (Interpretation, a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching) – Craddock Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (The IVP Bible Dictionary Series) – Hawthorne, Martin, Reid New International Biblical Commentary: Philippians […]