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The Resurrection of Abraham, Sarah and Isaac

God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac is a tough story. It brings up a lot of questions about God and a lot of questions about Abraham. We don’t get all of the answers but one of the answers we do get is found in Hebrews 11:17-19 in regard to what was going through Abraham’s mindContinue Reading

The Difference Between Being Visionary and Being a Pioneer

We like visionaries who can see past where things are right now to something better. They are the ones who can see through all the clutter to see with clarity what could be. It is important we have people like that. What is even more impressive is someone who implements vision. Some can see theContinue Reading

Holding Warnings and Encouragements in Tension With Each Other – The Example of Hebrews

In the book of Hebrews, warnings and encouragements crop up all over the place. Those two things are the tools the writer uses to admonish the readers to remain faithful. As a parent that makes complete sense. Discipline itself is not just punishment. The two sides of the discipline coin are rewards and punishments. YouContinue Reading


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