To Hear God’s Voice Today

The first time you hear the voice of God doesn’t have to be after you die. God is speaking all the time but only those who are listening for him tend to hear him. It is difficult to hear someone you don’t believe is speaking (1 Samuel 3). But if you open yourself up to […]

Making Jesus the Alpha and Omega Of Your Life

As we discipline ourselves to focus on Jesus, Jesus needs to permeate the thoughts of our day. It is helpful to try to make Jesus the first thought of your day and the last. When your eyes open in the morning, think of Jesus. When your eyes close at night, think of Jesus. He is […]

Discipleship Is Not A Method

It is quite tempting to think that discipleship is about a method. There are many methods to choose from when making disciples but discipleship isn’t a method. As I have studied discipleship, I have found myself more and more studying the method over the man. This is a mistake. There is no method without the […]

The Greatest Thing You Can Do in 2023

Paul knew Jesus. He experienced him personally on the road to Damascus. Paul was inspired. Paul had the Spirit. Paul had visions. Paul knew Jesus but there was still much to learn and Paul’s deep desire was to come to know Him more! Paul wrote this about knowing Jesus, “But whatever were gains to me […]

Five Biblical Responses to the Birth of Jesus

As we read back over the birth narratives of Jesus, here is what we find in how people responded to the news: In today’s world we talk about “celebrating” birthdays but with Jesus it is more than a celebration. Our response is praise and worship! Our response is sharing and proclamation that leads to utter […]

What Made Jesus the Greatest Disciple Maker Who Ever Lived?

You have probably seen the question – would you rather have $1 million or double a penny every day for 30 days and get paid the result? Doubling the penny results in over $5 million! Jesus was a penny doubler. He made just a few disciples but they knew how to do for others what […]

Good Friday, Cross Bearing, and Following Jesus

Jesus said if we want to be his disciples we must take up our cross daily and follow him (Luke 9:23). Jesus said this while he was on his way to Jerusalem to suffer and die on a cross. Good Friday reminds us that Jesus is our leader and the leader always goes first. Hebrews […]

Jesus and Compound Miter Saws

One of my favorite blog posts of all time was one I did in 2017 on how to put a spring back in a Ryobi 10 inch compound miter saw. I was changing the blade one day when a little spring fell out. It was the spring that pushes the guard out of the way […]

Finding the Thread – Listening in John 9-11

In John 9 Jesus heals a man who was born blind…on the Sabbath (9:14). This got the attention of the local authorities who began to question the healed man. After verbally assaulting him the man defends Jesus saying, “We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does […]

The Profound Presence of Christ

There are moments in life when Jesus feels extra present. We might consider those “holy moments” and the space those moments occupy “holy ground” or “sacred space.” The reality is Jesus is always with us, it is just more obvious some moments than others. When Jesus was on the earth he was always divine. There […]