House Church & Flexibility to Follow the Spirit’s Lead

One of the things I love about house church is the ability to be flexible because the Spirit doesn’t move in a straight line. It is hard to turn a big ship but a small ship can be turned at a moment’s notice. When you organize “Big church” worship everything needs to be planned and […]

If You Want To Make Disciples – First, Be One.

I was shocked when he said it…maybe even a little offended. I was sitting in a room listening to Curtis Sergeant deliver one of his workshops (which I highly recommend). Here is what he asked, “Are you a disciple worth multiplying.” Ouch! That stung…but the more I thought about it the more I realized that […]

Legalism Kills the Fruit of the Spirit

If you think you can work your way to salvation there is no need for the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-26). When I was younger I really believed that if I got it all right that I was in the right camp and therefore, God would save me. On the flip side I believe […]

Does God Still Speak Today? How Do You Know?

Sometimes we will hear megachurch preachers say that God told them to do a particular thing or that God told them to tell the church something specific. Is that really how God operates? This is an area of my faith that has grown over the last five years. I would have said years ago that […]

Race in the New Testament: The Holy Spirit’s Role in Unity

In the Bible you will find a few racially diverse groups: JewsGentilesSamaritans Not all Jews were Jewish by race but most were. Some were Gentiles who converted but by and large the Jewish people were pretty homogeneous, racially speaking. The Gentiles are those who were not Jewish – everyone else. The nations. Among the Gentiles […]