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Giving: God, Jesus & Us

The more I read the New Testament the more I am convinced that God wants us to become like Jesus. I am not talking about becoming like him in his divinity. That just isn’t possible. But we are to become like Jesus in every area of our life. Just as Jesus loves God with allContinue Reading

A Generous Gift

Just before I left for Christmas one of our elderly ladies stopped by the church building with some Christmas cards for the ministers. Her health is not all that great, she has pain and doesn’t drive very many places like that. So I thought it was sweet she would make a special trip to bringContinue Reading

Jonah Said the Sweetest Thing

Last night as we came home from LIFE group Missy and I were discussing Elijah’s (our 11 month old) birthday party. At his party we are asking people to bring gifts for the localĀ  Children’s Hospital (All Childrens) and Jonah was listening to the details. He went into his room, got out his bin ofContinue Reading

God Lessons from Elijah (7 months)

I was feeding Elijah dinner yesterday. I kept noticing that when I tried to give him food he would just ignore me but if I took it away he would start opening his mouth and wave his arms around. He did this four or five times and I finally asked him, “What is it thatContinue Reading

Mike Murdock – Show Me the Money

One of the new found blessings of having cable television for the first time in six years are all the “great” religious programming we can now watch. Last week we tuned in to see the Inspiration network with Mike Murdock. He was talking about sowing our seed so that God will bring a harvest toContinue Reading

Jesus Banquet

For more information on how to donate go to this link at – Dump Day 2010Continue Reading

Church Pantry Ideas – Food Planters

Nooma #23 – Corner There is a ministry in our area called Five and Two food. They make it their business to make sure hungry people get fed. Dave, who works with this ministry, had a couple of ideas for our pantry that I thought I would pass on because it is so practical andContinue Reading

Video Parable on Stewardship – God’s Pie

A great video on what we have, where it comes from, and what we do with it…Continue Reading

Benevolence Ministries in the Church – 1

Let’s start this series with a couple of questions: what has been your experience with benevolence ministry? What has worked well and what has needed improvement? How have you balanced being discerning with compassion? How do you define what someone is genuinely in need of? Do you assess more than just financial needs? What kindContinue Reading

171 Urban Ministry Resources Including Links, Annotations, and Contact Information

Continue Reading


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