Church Co-dependency & Naming the Elephants: Tradition

In my previous post on Co-dependent Churches: A Major Barrier to Change I talked about how we have several elephants in the room. Let’s talk about them more specifically. We have a real problem with tradition. It shouldn’t be this way because we have always been about the scriptures and criticized other groups for their […]

Regaining Our Certainty in Churches of Christ

We used to be a certain bunch. We were certain about pretty much everything. We were certain about our doctrine. We were certain about our identity. We had things locked down tight to a fault. Part of this had to do with a backwards hermeneutic that was self-perpetuating of our pre-determined conclusions that always guaranteed […]

The Church of Christ – Embracing Both How and Why Questions

In Churches of Christ we are well known for our discussions on “how”. How do you baptize, how do you sing, how do you interpret scripture? These are all very important things, things that should require study and prayer and the answers we reached must be firmly rooted in the pages of scripture. What I […]

What are the non-negotiables of the Christian Faith?

There is constant discussion online about who is in and who is out. There is discussion over certain issues that people conclude put people outside of fellowship because they have left the faith because a congregation has done, in their opinion, the unthinkable. Obviously, there are things that set apart Christians from the rest of […]

God in a Box and Our Inability to Dream or Act

Have we locked God down so tightly in our logic and doctrine that there is no room left to dream…so developed the pattern and forumlated a “thus saith the Lord” on every conceivable matter so that there is no room left for wonder? Have we replaced all the “?” with “.”? In our desire for […]