Kingdom Contraction? Is the Kingdom Shrinking?

We hear about it all the time. Churches are closing. We have less Christians than we used to. People aren’t attending church with the same consistency. Is the Kingdom shrinking? The Bible talks about an ever expanding kingdom. The Kingdom is like a mustard seed that, though small, grows into an invasive plant that expands […]

When We Read More About the Bible Than We Read the Bible

I have access to a few thousand books about the Bible. As much as I love and appreciate so many of those books, there is only one Bible. As much as I love studying about the Bible and as necessary as that is for our understanding of the Bible…reading about the Bible is no substitute […]

The Hidden Cost of A Divided Christianity

When we are divided we are not as effective at being disciples or making disciples. If I believe that my preference trumps our unity then I have bought the lie that my feelings and opinions trump Jesus’ instructions. Bottom line – Our disunity and division cost the kingdom new disciples. There are people we might […]

Free 9 Lesson Course on How to Do Discovery Bible Study!

I just developed a 9 lesson course on Discovery Bible Study with videos, articles, question list, scripture lists, and PDF handouts. It is 100% FREE forever. Discovery Bible study is used all over the world in disciple making movements to help disciple people to and through faith in Jesus. It is helpful for personal study, […]

What is a Faithful Church? It Is Not What You Were Told

Is a faithful church one that has found the pattern in the New Testament and copied it? Is a faithful church one that has apostolic succession back to the first century? Is a faithful church one that is filled with the Holy Spirit? Is a faithful church one that is on mission for Jesus? What […]

Obedience to Christ

We are not saved by works but obedience matters a great deal! Sometimes we get hung up on the importance of obedience because we look at it from a “what is required for salvation” standpoint. But that is like looking at your marriage saying “What is the minimum requirement to get married and stay married.” […]

Announcing My New Online Discipleship Courses!

I have some exciting news to share with you! I am working on a number of online discipleship classes. The first one is now available (at a big discount since it is new) at Udemy. This class gives you the foundations for understanding what discipleship is all about. It has 10 sessions that all include: […]

Make Disciple Makers, Not Just Disciples

I know, I know Jesus said “Go and make disciples” not “Go and make disciple makers” but I believe that a disciple is a disciple maker. Here is why this is an important distinction followed up with why I believe Jesus intended us to not just make disciples but to make disciple makers. Why this […]