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What Makes a Church Not a Church of Christ?

Hank asked the question in the comments on my last post “what makes a church not a church of Christ”. This post won’t answer that completely but will begin a conversation in that direction. First, a clarification…when I am talking about Church of Christ I am talking about it in a biblical sense and notContinue Reading

What Makes a Church a Church of Christ?

The church hasn’t ever been perfect nor will it ever be aside from Jesus fully making all things new and reconciling all things to himself. The church is going to have problems. That is a given. We idealize the early church but as you turn through the pages of scripture they had major issues. HereContinue Reading

Win the Culture War, Lose the Soul – Who Gives the Labels?

In the Intrusive Word, Willimon tells the story of Duke Chapel holding a panel discussion on “The Church and Homosexuality” where a student came up to him after the discussion, told him he was a “baptized Episcopalian” and asked why there weren’t any homosexuals on the panel. Willimon asked him why that would matter. HisContinue Reading

Chart of How Different Denominations View Each Other

The humor of broad generalizations…Continue Reading


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