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Chosen By God: Two Extremes and Some Middle Ground

Just how much is God at work in the world? Is God responsible for all things or nothing at all? Is God involved in every detail of every happening or has God left us to fend for ourselves? There are two extreme positions to just how much God works in the world. On one sideContinue Reading

Southern Baptist Convention Puts Out a Report on Calvinism in the SBC

Here is a link to Christianity Today’s article on it. The article has the full text of their report ” Will New Calvinism Report Calm Tensions among Southern Baptists? This is a plea for unity without uniformity. It is also a plea to not let the SBC be dominated and directed exclusively by either sideContinue Reading

The Ultimate Argument Against Predestination

is 4-5 year olds in “organized” soccer. Some say God has predetermined every event, action and thought. I say, if you believe that, you haven’t been to a kids soccer game …those things have “free moral agent” written all over them. I would like to take a Calvinist to one of these games and seeContinue Reading

Ever Wonder if Someone Was a Calvinist? Here is the Big List

Ever wonder if a popular preacher is a Calvinist? The Light Hearted Calvinist has a big list of Calvinists. This guy has done his homework…there is a massive amount of supporting links and explanation involved. Just thought some of you would find this list helpful.Continue Reading

A Few Things I Don’t Get About Calvinists

Be forewarned, the following post contains broad generalizations based on what could be an unrepresentative sampling of Calvinist authors. I have been reading from various Calvinist authors recently and one of the things I have noticed time and time again is that they don’t talk about “Christianity.” They talk about “Calvinism”. Where most of usContinue Reading


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