Bible Translation Taste Test…Which Translation is the Real ESV?

The English Standard Version has become extremely popular as of late. For those of you who are discerning in your selection of a good Bible version and who may really enjoy using the ESV I want to give you a “translation taste testt. The results will surprise you! Here are 2 passages from 2 different […]

Codex Sinaiticus Now Online

For all of you lovers of biblical manuscripts you can now view the full text of Codex Sinaiticus online. This is one of the most significant texts of the New Testament in existence from the 4th century AD. Wikipedia article. To read it online see this link. [HT: Rob Bradshaw]

Most Blogged New Testament Scriptures 2008

Back in May 2007 I did a search by chapter of the Bible to see which scriptures were being referenced the most in the blogosphere. I wanted to see if things had changed and which scriptures were moving up in frequency and which were falling down the list. I think this is important as we […]

Most Blogged Psalms

Continuing the series on most and least blogged scriptures, here is a list of the 20 most blogged psalms according to Google blog search. These are classified according to John H. Walton’s Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament: Psalm 23 – 8486 (Wisdom) Psalm 119 – 8446 (Wisdom) Psalm 139 – 8268 (Individual […]

Least Blogged Scriptures Part 1 (Genesis – 2 Chronicles)

Joshua 20 (100) – Cities of refuge 1 Sam 27 (100) – David among the Philistines 1 Sam 29 (57) – Achish sends David to Ziklag 2 Sam 4 (94) – Ishbosheth murdered 2 Sam 20 (65) – Sheba rebels against David 2 Kings 11 (74) – Athaliah and Joash 2 Kings 12 (100) – […]

Most Blogged Scriptures

I have compiled a list of the most popular chapters of the Bible showing up in blogs. This first list is of the most popular chapters of the entire Bible determined by a search of blogs via Google blog search. There may be a few revisions as I do a bit more searching but I […]