Take the Step – A God Story

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Last year, I really wanted to do my first discipleship training group. I am not talking about a discipleship group but a day of training people to be a reproducible disciple maker.

But I had a problem – I hadn’t ever done this before!

That may not be a problem for you but with my personality it was a problem for me.

So I worked and worked on the material and it started coming together but I still felt insufficient (again, my own personality issues).

I just kept feeling like God was saying, “Just set the date, I have this.”

After resisting that prompting for some time – and continuing to try to perfect my material – I finally let it go and set the date and began inviting people.

The day I set the date I got an email from a disciple maker in Florida. He said he had seen my online work and wanted to connect. I gave him a call and, as we often do, asked him what he had going on. He said he was on his way to run a disciple making training!

Wow God!

I told him that was what I was trying to figure out. He said he would send me his training material!

I was floored. But that’s God.

Take the step out on faith and see what God does!

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