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I have written up our processes and procedures at Backyard Church. My hope is that if you want to start a house church, that this can clear up some of the things that you typically have to figure out to get started. My hope and goal is that people pick this up and have a way to get started, especially if you have felt called to due this but have had hesitation or don’t quite feel ready. Please reach out if you need help!

The Backyard Church Startup Kit and Strategy Guide

This document covers:

Sunday worship gathering (outdoor, indoor, and online worship plans)

Children in worship

Weekly worship rhythms

Sunday Setup


Giving & special offerings (which we don’t do on Sunday)



Prayer culture

New person integration

Multiplying House Churches

The Word of God

Equipment and Resource List and Links

Starting a Backyard Church – how to find out more

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  1. Matt, it all looks good, an attempt to restore a form of primitive Christianity. I have but one question. What means are you suggesting to insure that if successful, these “backyard churches “ become totally sovereign independent groups of believers, totally isolated from one another? This in my opinion would run counter to the image we see in the NT where even though led by a multiplicity of elders, the still saw themselves as one Church in Christ.

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