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In the last post, I encouraged you to read more from the Bible than from people talking about the Bible. That isn’t to say that there is no benefit in reading other books. They have much to teach us! But we should take care to not let reading what people say about the Bible take the place of actually reading the Bible!

When you read for spiritual growth from outside the Bible, read from people who are following Jesus.

This is not a law. It is a principle. A law is to be followed at all times. A principle is something that is generally true that is often useful. So I am not saying to never read from anyone who doesn’t/didn’t follow Jesus. Even Paul quoted the Greek poets in Acts 17. Truth can be found in many places. But Paul quoted scripture (Old Testament) far more than he quoted pagan poets.

Pay attention to the authors you read. Are those who read them getting deeper in their faith and closer to God or further? Are their books an on-ramp to faith or an off-ramp? When you live into what they say, do you see yourself becoming more like Christ in your words, deeds and attitudes or less?

If someone is going to disciple me via their books, I want them to be a serious follower of Jesus first.

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