Teach Like Jesus

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If we want to teach like Jesus we are going to need to:

1 – Ask lots of questions

2 – Use the Bible

3 – Speak truth to power

4 – Humble yourself

5 – Show people by living what you teach

6 – Train people in skills

7 – Pray all the time

8 – Fast on a regular basis

9 – Rely on the Holy Spirit

10 – Be prepared for pain and abuse

I have a long way to go in teaching like this! What would you add to the list?

It is far easier to lecture than train skills. It is far easier to assemble a class than to do life on life. It is far easier to give answers rather than ask questions. It will take true humility to embrace the ways of Jesus and jettison the ways that are self-serving…and by that I don’t mean all lecture or Bible classes are self-serving. I am saying that if they are in our own soul that we need to take inventory of that, repent and move to more Christ-like approaches! This starts with me.

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