Spiritual Maturity Is More Than Bible Knowledge

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How many long time Christians have you known who knew the Bible inside and out but were absolutely rotten inside?

It is easy to equate Bible knowledge with Spiritual maturity.

If Bible knowledge alone isn’t spiritual maturity, what is? I heard a useful answer to this from Curtis Sergeant who said that spiritual maturity is like a three legged stool. You need all three legs to have balance. Here are the three legs:

Knowledge – You need to know the word of God and be growing in that knowledge.

Faithfulness – You need to try to live obediently to whatever level of knowledge you have.

Sharing – You need to share what you learn with those around you.

There are some who know much and share much but aren’t faithful. Those are hypocrites.

There are those who share but have little knowledge and aren’t really trying to live it. This is quite dangerous as well.

You get the idea…

Let us be in the word, live the word, and share the word…and we will watch God continue to grow us more and more into being like Jesus!

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