The Often Untold or Misunderstood Parts of Church of Christ History

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I recently conducted an interview with Dr. Leonard Allen who is the Dean of Bible and Ministry at Lipscomb. It was a fascinating conversation where he articulated a lifetime’s worth of learning into just under an hour. I want to point you to this because many of my readers grew up in Churches of Christ and/or are currently attending a Church of Christ and this is information that you really need to be in tune with. If you want the whole interview in one chunk you can listen on our podcast.

In part 1, Dr. Allen talks about what made the Restoration a Unity Movement – what factors were involved that influenced Alexander Campbell to pursue unity.

In part 2, Dr. Allen is frank but gentle in saying that the goal of unity never happened – instead we fractured into even more divisions…and that the reason that further division happened was baked into our DNA before we were even birthed.

In part 3, we have an open discussion about denominational, cultural and philosophical influences in our founding. We are often taught that none of this existed…that we were formed purely from the New Testament…but that just isn’t true and you need to know some specifics.

In part 4, we talk about creeds and misunderstanding around the rejection of creeds. Campbell didn’t reject creeds! Ever heard that before? In fact, it might be healthy to embrace them! Our failure to do so may well have hurt us as a movement.

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