Four Things to Prepare Us for Temptation (Matt 4:1-11)

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When we read the temptation of Christ in Matthew 4 there are a number of things that were done in advance of Jesus’ temptation.

1 – He was led by the Spirit. The Spirit’s lead is essential for us overcoming sin. It is quite hard to sin while being led by the Spirit.

2 – He was fasting and praying. Disciplining our desires can help us fight temptation. He did this in advance of the temptation to be ready for the temptation. It is quite hard to sin while praying.

3 – The Word. Jesus knew the Word because He was the Word but also because He studied the Word. He did this in advance of Matthew 4 to be ready for Matthew 4. It is quite hard to sin while being in the Word.

4 – Commitment to truth – Jesus was committed to truth…He was/is truth. If we are committed to truth then we will be able to more easily spot lies.

Temptation is coming and when it comes it is often too late to prepare.

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