Faith in a Future We Cannot Comprehend

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When we think about faith we often think in terms of belief – things we believe even though we cannot see those things with our eyes. We are going out on faith in our beliefs.

But faith runs far deeper than that. Faith isn’t just about believing things you cannot see in terms of intellectual ideas. Faith is also about believing in a future you have not yet experienced.

You go out on faith to a calling you believe God has given you. You haven’t yet seen where it will take you but you have faith in God to know He is going to do something great. You make the decision even though you don’t have all the answers.

You go out on faith about involvement in a ministry. You don’t feel fully equipped to do it but you trust (faith) God will give you what you need when you need it.

Faith is far bigger than just what we believe…believing what otherwise might be unbelievable things…faith is also about believing in a future that we haven’t yet seen. Faith is about trusting that God will walk us step by step into a future that is beyond our comprehension!

How have you stepped out in faith and how have you seen God respond?

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