Here Is When You Get To Watch God Work…

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You get to watch God work when your plans fail. That’s right…when things don’t go your way, you can most clearly see God at work.

Here’s why – if everything goes according to my plan then I can take credit for it. But when my plan falls apart and then I beg God for help, whatever happens next is all to His credit.

How many times have I made decisions as if God wasn’t helping or involved? Way too many.

I am learning to pray boldly and pray specifically and then watch God answer. If I don’t act or pray or anticipate His work then it is really hard to spot when it happens.

If all my plans are things I can accomplish without God’s help, then I will never get a chance to watch God do God-sized things!

Once you walk by faith like this, you will begin to see so many things in a way you have never seen them before. You will see God show up in areas of your life you have never seen Him work. You will see God-sized outcomes that shatter our expectations or per-conceived ideas of what can happen.

In short – your life will have so much more joy because you are walking alongside God and getting a front row seat to watch Him work!

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