What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Did I Commit the Unforgivable Sin?

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I have multiple people ask me during my time in ministry if they had committed the unforgivable sin. If you are asking, you probably didn’t.

What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

It goes back to Mark 3:2. Jesus has been healing people and casting out demons. He has also done this, in the first two chapters of Mark, on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day of rest. It is sinful to work on the Sabbath and Jesus told the man to take his mat and walk.

Some in the crowd believed Jesus sinned by doing this. This wasn’t actually a violation of the Law of Moses. It was a violation of the tradition.

Second, Jesus said a man’s sins were forgiven, which was viewed as blasphemy. The crowds first said Jesus was blaspheming before Jesus brought up that they were in danger of doing so.

Next you have to make the connection that Jesus’ miracles were done by the power of the Holy Spirit (see Luke 4 and Acts 10 to back that up).

Here is what blaspheming the Holy Spirit means – people who saw Jesus do miracles by the Holy Spirit’s power, but denied that Jesus did them by the Spirit’s power – instead, they said, he did them by the devil’s power – that is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

The people reasoned that demons only listen to and obey one of two voices – God’s or the devil and since they thought Jesus was a sinner for all of the above and that God wouldn’t do miracles through a sinner – the only option in their minds was that Jesus had this power from the devil.

Jesus points out how foolish that logic really is – Satan wouldn’t undermine his own mission by casting out his own demons.

If you saw a man healed in Jesus’ name or the dead raised back to life and claimed the devil did it – that would be blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Chances are, you haven’t done that!

For more info on that check out this video! Thanks for reading.

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