Are You “Word Only”?

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There is a phrase called “Word only” that means you believe the Holy Spirit only operates through the written Word, the Bible. People who believe this generally believe the Holy Spirit checked out in the first century when the last words of Revelation were written.

I am “Word only” but not in this sense. I am word only as in John 1:1 – that Jesus is the Word/Logos.

All I need is Jesus. Christ is sufficient. I guess that makes me “word only” but not in the traditional sense.

Too often we emphasize church over Christ and I believe that is unfortunate. You cannot have church without Christ. The Gospel isn’t “Jesus + other stuff” it is “Christ alone”…Word only. His grace is sufficient for me! I hope it is for you as well!

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  1. And here i thought it was all about God. That the Son came to reconcile us to the Father so that the Father would be glorified. So that we would be one with the Father like the Son is one with the Father. That God would be glorified…

    1. Yes, it is about God, but of course Jesus is God, but your point is well taken, as Jesus pointed all glory back to the Father. But there is as Jesus stated, when we glorify Jesus we glorify the Father.

    2. Ah, not really. Jesus is Divine – but he is not God. 2 Corinthians 5 would not make any sense, would it, or the prayer in John 17… And so many other passages would just be nonsense, right?

  2. The details in producing a New Testament church should always include the “fruit of the spirit.”

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