A Tiredness Rest Won’t Fix

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Are any of you just tired? The kind of tired that a good long Sunday afternoon, rainy day, nap won’t cure?

Now, that’s tired!

It is a tiredness that seeps down into your bones, grabs hold of your energy and won’t let it go. Relentlessly tired.

If you feel that way these days, you are not alone. Many of us feel it. We feel the deep sense of tiredness, weariness even.

What do you do with it? Do something meaningful. Help someone. Pray for someone. Call someone. Reach out. Check in. Get focused on others.

Pray for Holy Spirit driven strength. The kind of strength that you just can’t muster by yourself.

Change the scenery of your life – find a new spot to have fun. We recently went to a river we had never been to near Birmingham with some friends. It was so needed! Funny how a day of wearing yourself out can make your soul feel at rest!

Whatever you do, don’t give up!

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  1. Tired. Especially when friends dying after age 60. But get ENERGY> LEARN how to enjoy fresh foods, grow them, balance UR diet. I, U, responsible for UR health, not a doctor. Your body is crying for YOUR help when u tire b4 evening, yes? See Tammy Stewart on You Tube/ Healthy For A Purpose (church member, ACU grad) and http://www.KnowTheCause.com on TV and YouTube – Doug Kaufman has the TRUTH anout YOUR body. WHEN OUR BODY IS BETTER – WE LISTEN BETTER & CAN ABSORB ideas best. //Leigh tallsinger on FB, immersed of my own will at age 15. I’ve been in several Tarrant County congregations. WHY ARE NUMBERS your main concern? People come when they see the Spirit in someone. No other reason. Call someone in morning. Share scripture 1 on 1. Also, take time to discover your inner child. Doing THAT changes your daily verbiage. Be effective. Discover insight by uncovering how you formulate your emotions. Loud music with instruments muddies the sound and creates DIS-Unity, not unity of sound. Push for more acapella. Have acapella singing in your home. Share THAT. More powerful than sermon. Use song in your sermon. // Eat FRESH today. //If I come visit your congregation – will there be ACAPELLA? ______

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