Chronic Anxiety in the Life of the Christian

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If prayer automatically took away anxiety, we wouldn’t have any anxious people. If good advice could do it, same.

So many Christians feel guilty about their anxiety. We have bought a line that says fear and faith are opposites or that worry/anxiety and faith are opposites.

That just isn’t true.

You can be perfectly afraid and perfectly faithful.

The disciples demonstrate this when the storm hits their boat. They are terrified…and yet they have faith. They turn to Jesus.

This is key – level of faith and level of anxiety are not inversely proportionate – that when one goes up the other goes down. They can exist simultaneously.

The big question is what do you do with your worry – who do you turn to? If you keep turning to God, that is faith. So keep turning to God. And don’t feel guilty as if you have faith deficiency. You don’t.

Last, did you know the same Greek word is translated both “worry” and “concern” and we are told to do the second but not the first? So what is the difference and how does that help us manage our anxiety?

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