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Who Are You Becoming?

May 13th, 2020 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

The big debate in developmental psychology was nature vs nurture. How much of our personality and preferences are from our dna and how much is from our upbringing.

Twin studies attempted to sort this out – twins separated at birth, etc.

The real answer is that both matter. We are wired a certain way but our wiring doesn’t necessarily force us into a future we don’t want. Our DNA may but a limit on the possibilities. The same is true of our upbringing.

What is happening today that will change who you are five years from now? COVID19 is certainly part of that…not so much the disease itself but how we are handling life in light of the disease.

Pay close attention to the habits you are forming today and take note of where they will lead you 5-10 years from now and make sure you like the potential outcome. You only get one shot at those years. Be wise and intentional. You are becoming someone so become the best you possible.


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