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God is Shaping the Church for the Next 50 Years

April 7th, 2020 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

We are undergoing tectonic shifts in what church is all about. If church was about Sunday, then church is no more until Sunday gatherings come back. But we know that isn’t the case and the very fact that we are seeing what church is truly all about means that church can’t and won’t be the same when we all get back together.

What kind of church are we going to come back to when church gets back together?

Some churches won’t make it.

Others will come back in a traditionally diminished capacity, by that I mean by our traditional metrics (dollars and attendance).

But the kingdom won’t be diminished in the least…what is being diminished is our old way of seeing and doing things (paradigm).

To put it bluntly, the institutional church had no clothes. It was never to be Sunday-centered, rather Christ-centered. This is all coming into clear focus. Praise God!

What opportunities do we have now that we didn’t have a month ago?

I believe our relationships are going to be deeper and more real.

I believe we become people of compassion, who notice needs like we didn’t before.

I believe our assemblies and our time together is going to look a bit different with different emphases. Less formal, more conversation.

What kind of church are we going to come back to and how does this set the church on a different course for the next 50+ years?

Here are more of my thoughts on this, in case you aren’t aware I run the Wineskins YouTube channel and post twice a week on various topics you might find interesting – church, leadership, ministry, theology, etc.


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  • mark

    The wise churches will have already started looking at ways to continue the digital outreach with daily messages and/or services and offerings. This is while still having services on Sunday and during the week. They may have fewer planned events knowing that everyone knows one person they can reach out to help instead of just keeping the people busy with internal church events. Hopefully, people will also be more cognisant of the people they do know who are in Need and reach out to offer help to the community and nation.

    The not so wise will go back to their old ways, e.g. saying a virtual service is not official, criticising those who have begun and are continuing digital outreach, and Ignoring the hurting.

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