One of The Most Important Prayers a Parent Can Pray & the Safest Place Your Child Can Be…

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With all the prayers of protection going up you might think we live in a war zone. We are all concerned for our kids. Many parents feel a tremendous amount of guilt over things their kids do and how much of that is our fault as parents. So we pray and pray and pray God will protect them.

I am good with praying that prayer but I don’t think it is the most important prayer we can pray as parents.

One of the most important prayers we can pray is for our kids to be dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. We want Satan to see our kids as a threat to his plans. The safest place your child can be is in the will of God. How often did we try to protect our kids but never equip them for kingdom work? Doing God’s will, will bring more protection from God than going out on our own but praying God will cover us anyway.

Let’s pray for our kids. Let’s pray for each other’s kids. Let’s pray they are dangerous for the kingdom of God – the advancement of the mission! Only then will they truly be safe.

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