A Word to Those Who Feel Stuck

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Any time you feel stuck, whether it is personally or congregationally there are a few things you can do.

1 – Confession and repentance. This is a tough one but it is hard to move forward if you are unwilling to take a hard look at how you contribute to the problem.

2 – Give over control. Full reliance on God in all things. This is reflected in fasting and prayer.

3 – Ask God to direct your steps, being willing to do whatever He tells you.

4 – Have conviction in what God guides you toward. Once you believe you have vision that is God-initiated you need to be convicted. Many times we are stuck because we lack vision so we lack conviction and we lack those things because we are in charge, which is why we need to repent!

5 – Invite others into the process. Listen to other people.

6 – Communicate the vision with the intention of moving in that direction.

7 – Watch the means to accomplish the vision show up big time as God supplies all we need to do what He calls us to do.

8 – Celebrate the victories, mourn the loses – some things will be gained and some things will be lost along the way as God has us shed some old things to embrace some new things.

9 – Like minded people will gather. You won’t get everyone on board but you will find a new tribe of like-minded people who share the vision who will get on board.

10 – Execute with intentionality. It is hard to be intentional when you have no vision. Once you have convicted vision you believe is godly it would be nearly disobedient to not move ahead.

Often we are too afraid to even start into this and that’s ok. We start with where we are and start approximating – inching forward toward new approaches through prayer, confession/repentance, fasting, submission, etc. God is mighty. God is working. Let’s get on board!

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