Kingdom Living in 2020

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Welcome to 2020 at Kingdom Living! Whether you have been along for the ride since the beginning or are new to the blog I am thankful you are here.

2019 was the start of several new endeavors for me and that meant less writing here at Kingdom Living. I launched a YouTube channel and a podcast, each of which took up significant content creation time that didn’t go into the blog.

I am back at it on the blog in 2020! I will be back to posting significantly more content here and I appreciate your patience in the meantime as we try to improve what we do and the quality of the content.

So buckle up, thanks for reading and one last thing – I hope you will subscribe by email. So many of us rely on social media to point us to posts but with all the algorithms on facebook, etc you can’t be certain you will get all the content you want. So go to the right sidebar, up at the top, type your email in and hit ENTER and make sure to get all the new posts here at KL in your email! Don’t let Facebook decide what you see.

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