Do We Think God is Working? It Changes Everything!

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One of the fundamental questions we have to ask is this – do we really believe God is still at work in the world?

I believe the vast majority of us would say, yes.

The followup question is, does our leadership and ministry approach reflect this?

Are we operating as if God isn’t doing much. Do our approaches require full reliance on God or just reliance on self? When we make decisions, do we incorporate or consider the pre-existing…continuing work of God that we can partner with rather than potentially work against?

If God is working we should be looking for where he is working and get on board.

If God is working it means his power is being put to use and his power is far greater than our own. If we are operating like the only power available is our limited power then our ministry will be limited…a lid is placed on the possibilities.

But if we truly believe God is working today then we need to trust him and lead and minister in a way that reflects that.

This means we will be less negative and more hopeful.

It means we will lead from a place of joy rather than a place of bitterness.

It means we will open ourselves up to be used by God like never before.

The future is bright if we can get beyond just believing God is at work and start making decisions in light of it…acting and leading and ministering in light of this fact!

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