What Makes Changing Your Mind So Hard?

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How many times have you made a point to someone and they responded by telling you they were wrong? That you had convinced them to change their mind?

Rare to never.

Changing your mind takes time. Changing someone’s mind isn’t always a realistic goal. When we make it our goal we often resort to unsavory and unfair tactics to accomplish the goal.

However long it took you to form your opinion may be how long it will take them.

Consider what someone is giving up when they change their mind: pride, all they invested in their old view, etc.

Your view is convincing to you. You believe it. It may not be for them. Not at first. Don’t take their unwillingness to change personal. It doesn’t call your power of persuasion into question. It just means they have a lot invested in what they think and it will take them time to think on it too.

Present your view. Find out theirs. Ask questions. Don’t make it personal. Keep your integrity.

A mind changed by improper methods is likely to be a mind changed to an improper view. Our insecurity provokes us to press and press until we get a personal victory. Don’t say or do anything that calls your integrity into question. Then walk away and respectfully give them both time and space to think on it.

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