Critiquing Kanye – It Says More About Us than Him

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Imagine if you had been a Christian for all of three minutes when the whole world got to judge your theology?

Sadly, I am not surprised the critics have come after Kanye. It is what they do. Sadly, I am not that surprised that Christians have come after Kanye, it is what some do.

I am a firm believer that when you put yourself in front of the public eye that you open yourself up to scrutiny. But can we give Kanye a few years to get his theological feet under him, or not, before we say too much?

It is like we expect him to have grown up in church, have been baptized at 10 at Summer camp, and have passed the Lord’s supper ever since. From the bits and pieces I have heard his theology could use some help but so could mine 10 minutes after I came to Jesus and it still can today.

I am reminded of the disciples who were with Jesus and wanted to nuke the other guy casting out demons. Jesus said to leave him alone. Why don’t we take Jesus’ advice?

Cut the guy some slack. Mercy!

What you think about Kanye can say a lot more about you than it does him. We live in the sound bite, everything has to be reacted to quick before it dies out, milisecond culture.

God doesn’t operate like that and neither should we.

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