Review of “Discipleship that Fits” Chapters 10 & 11: The Transparent Context

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The transparent context are groups of 2-4 people, which is a group size ripe for developing deep relationships that exude transparency and connection.

It is impossible to grow deep if you don’t let people know who you really are. It is very difficult (impossible really) to do this in a room full of people or an auditorium on a Sunday morning.

God developed us for close, personal relationships. Even Jesus didn’t have this with everyone. He had his Peter, James and John. So did Paul. Chapter 10 in “Discipleship that Fits” gives us these biblical examples of how various people in the Bible utilized groups this size to establish and develop transparent relationships where sharing could go deep, resulting in personal development and discipleship that also grows deep.

Chapter 10 also gives us four examples of ministries that utilize this context (group size) for maximum effect. You can find that on pages. 166-168.

The goals for a group this size are found on pages. 168-174. I am going to list them for your benefit but not give full explanations – you can get the book if this piques your interest!

1 – Intimacy
2 – Openness
3 – Impact

“Of all the contexts of discipleship, the Transparent Context is where the most transformation takes place.” – p. 174

Chapter 11 is the followup chapter to the biblical foundations found in chapter 10. This chapter is on how discipleship takes place in groups of 2-4 people.

Chapter 11 gives guidelines for selecting people to be in the group and guidelines for group practice. You will also see a sample covenant agreement in this chapter (p.182). You can also get a sample covenant from at this link. Covenants are essential because it reflects a commitment to the group of people that will make the goals of the group reachable.

This is the heart and soul of the book as was quoted from page 174 – this is where the most discipleship/disciple-making impact occurs.

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