Two Free Resources To Encourage and Equip You!

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First, ACU’s Summit wrapped up and they have quite a bit of the content online on their YouTube channel. I wish I could have gone this year so I have been waiting on these videos!

Here is that link – ACU Summit 2019

There is also a free webinar called, “Rock Solid Theology for Disciple Making” with Jim Putman and David Young. It is on Friday Oct 11 at 10:00. Even if you can’t make the webinar, go ahead and register and I believe you can get the video of it after the fact.

So many of us want to sharpen up our disciple making skills. Let’s keep finding and sharing the best resources out there because God has answers to our questions if we are willing to do some digging. If you want to be a disciple maker but don’t know where to start, the answers are out there and I am determined to continue to keep pointing you to them!

Thanks for reading. Let us know in the comments what resources you find most helpful so we can all benefit from the sharing of resources and ideas!

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