Anxiety is Far Too Common in Ministry. Here is Why and What Can be Done About it

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Over half of ministers report suffering from significant anxiety as a result of their ministry. Churches are anxious places. They are anxious places because we are supposed to get everything right and to do something not how it is always done or said creates uncomfortable questions and anxiety that is then, often, transferred to leadership and received by leadership rather than allowing people to resolve their own issues.

We end up with emotionally stunted congregations – low grow in anxiety thresholds/low anxiety tolerance that is self-perpetuation.

Pair that with ministers who want to help people and elders who want to help people who jump in to fix things which then short circuits people’s growth in dealing with their own feelings.

Here is more explanation that I believe will help you empathize with your minister and will help ministers and church leaders tackle this issue which isn’t just an issue for members – it is personal to ministers as well and we have to deal with our own issues.

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