What The Motivational Speakers Just Don’t Get

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Motivational speakers can be extremely helpful. They can inspire us, get us moving when we struggle to move. But there are some things secular speakers can’t wrap their minds around which are extremely important. They can’t because they aren’t coming at what they do as a Christian, from a Christian worldview.

The first is that the power for what we do in life has to come from without, not from within. We cannot make it on our own. We don’t have sufficient power to change the world on our own. We need God. We need other people. We are insufficient to the task left to lean on our own strength.

The second is that if they do believe in an external spiritual power or force, for them it is usually impersonal. The power we receive to do what we are called to do in our spiritual vocation is from the Holy Spirit and *HE* is a person, personal.

Once we understand this and lean into the power of God rather than the power of self then we can really accomplish something.

Last, this all points us to the third vital point. Once you understand the power isn’t yours but is God’s then what you do with the power you receive from God cannot be used to leverage your personal agenda, rather it is used to leverage God’s agenda.

So many people want to be their own boss. I get it. It isn’t a bad desire. But when it comes to your purpose in life, that comes from God and is empowered by God, it doesn’t work or look like that. If the power isn’t ours, neither is the control.

That won’t sell out tickets for a motivational talk but it really does work in real life – if you define the goals as God defines the goals.

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