Churches of Christ Need an Aerosmith/Run DMC “Walk This Way” Moment

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The iconic “Walk This Way” music video is a parable for a conversation that must go mainstream and I am determined to make that happen. We have to start chipping away at the wall and poking our heads through to hear what is being said on the other side.

On one side – mainstream, programmatic paradigm churches

On the other side – church planters and disciple-making movements.

We need each other but we don’t always like each other’s music! We are better together. It is imperative that we come to terms with dying to our way of thinking music ought to be in order to embrace new approaches.

We won’t do this until two things happen:

1 – We get a sense of urgency over the seriousness of our decline in mainstream churches.

2 – We realize the blended music is better than either song by itself.

Our biggest problem is we like our music just the way it is even if we go to our grave singing it the way we always have.

Of course, by music, I mean ministry paradigm – the way we operate. Music is a part of the music! There will be some things we need to die to in order to live to see a better day.

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