Being a Disciple in How We Talk Online

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Our Christianity doesn’t have boundaries on where or when we act as followers of Jesus. If Paul had known of social media he would have said to be like Jesus there too.

This can be quite difficult. It is difficult because we are humans and make mistakes on a platform with other humans who make mistakes. Strip out all the typical “helps” we get in face to face interaction in a conversation full of mostly strangers and see if anything useful for the kingdom happens.

It can and it does but it take effort.

What kind of effort? How can we carry ourselves online, on social media, in a way that honors Jesus rather than is just trying to win arguments?

I outline my approach in these two videos. It involves understanding our physiological warning signs and then entering into a conversation with love and as a non-anxious presence. Here is how…

See part 1 (barriers) here.

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