Just 10 people

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Just give me 10 people.

10 people who know what they are supposed to do.

10 people who are available to do it.

10 people who are convicted.

10 people who are bold.

10 people committed to a better future for our churches.

10 people who will clear out some of their schedule to disciple people.

10 people who will commit to prayer and fasting.

Just give me 10 people.

Often we want all 200 or 300 or 400 or 1000 in a church to buy in but it doesn’t take that. So we never try or start. Or we start and get discouraged when only 10 people take it seriously.

Just give me those 10 people and lets go! For Jesus it was 12. That was enough. Why do we think we need 100% (or at least greater than 50%) buy in for enough validation to keep on going? You really don’t need that. In fact, if you can get 100% of people to agree on something it might not be the right thing!

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