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We all have our favorite verses. If we aren’t careful those same scriptures will end up in our preaching and teaching over and over again. It was this realization and a desire to cover more of the Bible than I normally would that led me to track the scriptures I include in my sermons on a weekly basis. I can tell you how many times I have used John 3:16 in the last 6 years of preaching.

I do this by keeping a spreadsheet. I am uploading the spreadsheet here for anyone else who wants to do this. I have found this incredibly helpful and I hope you will as well as we continue to try to get more and more of the Bible in front of our church families.

Here is the file – Sermon Scriptures Used

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  1. Preaching Expository ONLY and “neglecting” Topical Preaching shows me that Pastors aren’t interested in “asking” God on “what” to Preach to their Members. What God may reveal to the Pastor who “asks” may NOT be what the Members “want” to hear, but it may be what they “need” to hear. Some of the negative RESULTS of the “neglecting” Topical Preaching are that different Members will believe “different” Doctrines, some which are not Biblical or even Christian. In other words “Confusion.” Expository Preaching ONLY provides Members with a lot of “Head Knowledge” concerning the Scriptures and very little “Heart Knowledge” on how to apply them to their everyday Conversations and Interactions with others. But the WORST Tragedy of ALL is that some Members are not even “Saved”, because they don’t understand that Salvation is by FAITH and FAITH ALONE. Salvation is NOT “Jesus and…” Members need to be instructed in the ways of the LORD (Doctrines), and they need to be given the “tools” on what to say to “potential” Believers in order to win them to Christ. Topical Preaching makes the Bible “more relevant” to ALL people in 2019, if done correctly and when Sermons are bathed in Prayer. To neglect Topical Preaching and only Preach Expository, generally leads to Self-Righteous Christians who live to “one up” one another with Scripture Verses within their own Little Echo Chamber.

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