Who is God Sending Today? How Do You Fit in?

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God has always been a sending God. He sends people places for various reasons. He sent Abraham to a new land and later the Hebrew people to that same land. He sent his son Jesus to the earth. Jesus send his apostles out to minister. God’s sending doesn’t end with the last word of the Bible.

God is still sending people places. He is sending people to people. We need to pay attention. We must pay attention. Either God is sending you to someone or someone to you. Do you notice it?

Let us open our eyes to the divine orchestration that is occurring all around us on a regular basis. Then we can be faithful to the calling we have received to go to those who need Jesus and receive those who come to us and be ready to tell them about our Lord.

Who has God sent to you or you to them recently? I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. My initial reply was no one, in fact he has removed people from my life. For a number of years I was very active within another church. Lots of friends, due to variety of reasons we left that church. Since leaving the people that were my friends are no longer part of my everyday life and the congregation we worship with now are mostly the age of my grown children. I have reached out to my old friends and met them on occasion. However, they do not reach out to me. It has left me feeling lonely and to be honest a little bitter lately. But then as I thought on it a little longer something dawned on me. You see my unmarried daughter got pregnant and had a child shortly after after we made this change. He has filled my life with joy. His presence is a blessing, he sneaks into my room in the mornings and wakes me up. He gets excited when I come home from the office. My marriage bond has grown stronger thru all of this as well. So upon reflection what he has given me is my family and given me back to my family. Maybe I just needed my priorities refocused.

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