How to be a Non-Anxious Presence

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Those people in your life who exhibit this trait really stand out. They stand out because it unusual and admirable. It is a different way of living, being and seeing. They see others from a non-threatening, non-fear based perspective. How do you get there?



Dialog with those who make you anxious

Following Jesus example – the Pharisees attempted to change his behavior by raising his anxiety level (he eats with sinners) but it never worked because Jesus was…

Self-differentiated – perpetually anxious people struggle to know who they are. Know who you are.

Fruit of the Spirit

Love your enemies

Stop caring what people think about you and start caring about people – people get this confused. Caring about what others think of you is caring about yourself, not caring about them.

If you do these things and become these things you can stand in a world full of chaos unmoved. Most of us run around trying to make others happy and gain their admiration. Being a non-anxious presence will result in the admiration of some and the disdain of others who expect you to conform to their way.

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