One Word for A Better Future for Churches of Christ

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We have traditionally been a very proud bunch. Proud we don’t act like the denominations. Proud that our doctrine is pure. Proud we are the only ones going to heaven. Proud that we are sound. Proud that we are acappella. Proud that we have biblical leadership right. Proud that we aren’t like others. Proud that even our traditions are biblical!

You name it and we have been proud about it.

This is keeping us at a distance from Jesus. You cannot be full of self and full of Jesus. We have mistaken the too.

We cannot and will not move forward into a better and brighter future without humility.

Humility in what we know for sure – it isn’t everything like we have pretended.

Humility in our worship – that we aren’t the only ones who have it right.

Humility in our hermeneutic – that there are other ways of reading the Bible and arriving at truth than Command, Example and Necessary Inference.

We equated having it right with being close to God…that God doesn’t fellowship people who are wrong.

We threw all of our rightness into a big pot and out popped a golden image with our own face on it.


The future is dim without it and bright with it. This will bring us to repentance and then and only then will we be able to see the path ahead.

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