Does God Still Speak Today?

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This story has built my faith. It has taken me a while to feel comfortable sharing it but I have come to a point of letting go any sense of pride associated with it because it wasn’t of myself, it was all of God. But pride is a tricky beast that is hard to let go of. I feel comfortable sharing this now to give God the credit He deserves and to build your faith and help us all be more expectant of God to work in unexpected and powerful ways!

Let us pray God raises up disciplemakers. You know what He might just do (is actually already doing)? Raise them up from the nations to come and disciple us. He can use us too but nothing surprises me anymore as I begin to expect God to do what He has always been doing – doing things apart from my ability and even in spite of me. If our churches refuse to make disciples, God will use someone else. Oh, how much better it will be if we can get on board with what is already going on!

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  1. What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing it. I sometimes wonder how much of strict cessationism (and much of restoration movement thinking in general) is connected as much to enlightenment thinking as to scripture. I am highly in favor of rationality and science, but we seem to import a lot of things that come in as stowaways and swim ashore when we’re not looking. In fact, it’s interesting – many of the things we unknowingly import would be more readily noticed if we were more open to e.g. philosophy and theology. I fear we accept a kind of pseudo-rationality which causes us to miss some serious blessings, while simultaneously preventing us from receiving criticism. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but anyway, thanks again for sharing this story.

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