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We crossed 2 million page views at mattdabbs.com today! Thank you for reading! As a thank you I am going to get a copy of the book The Trellis and the Vine for a random commenter on this post. If we get more than 25 comments I will give away another copy. I will select a winner of the book on Wednesday at noon central.



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  1. Congratulations, Matt! The product of consistency over time along with pouring content of value into the lives of many. Thanks brother!

  2. Well, if there was ever someone deserving of a couple million viewers, it would be your posts. Nice to see a good guy getting views on eternal matters , instead of some of the other refuse out there to distract and deceive. Hoping some of my circle is now following you, including some of my elder friends and past ministry folks. Here’s to the next 2 million…in like a week or two!!! LOL

  3. Even though we didn’t make it to 25 comments I am still giving away 2 books instead of 1 just to say thank you for reading and for engaging. Here are the winners chosen by Random.org

    Doug Oakes
    Keith Stefanko

    Thanks everyone!

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