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About a month ago I ran into a snag. Someone complained to Facebook about my content and Facebook blocked all of my URLs for about a week. After a bunch of appeals I finally got them reinstated.

It was a reminder that social media won’t put all of the content in front of you. That was already the case because the algorithms give you what they think you want to see. Facebook doesn’t want you to have a bad experience or else you would stop using it. So they have programs that select content in line with what they think you like. Your feed isn’t like twitter where it is the newest of your friends/followers. It is highly selective and limited.

If you rely on Facebook to put these articles in front of you, it won’t happen consistently. You are going to miss most of it.

So I suggest you consider joining our subscriber list by entering your email on the right sidebar. This will make sure you get every article that posts here. If you think this site adds value to our fellowship, I suggest you subscribe by email.

If you are already an email subscriber, THANK YOU!
I so appreciate you.

I am not a self-promoter but I do believe in the conversation we are having and want more, diverse, voices in it to make it more robust and a better resource for us all as we discuss discipleship together.

Thank you for reading! God bless you.


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