Developing Essential Discipleship Resources

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I am starting work on a variety of resources that will be available for download on this site. They will all be building blocks in the discipleship journey. The idea is that as we discuss various matters pertaining to following Jesus it helps to have specific resources to help along the way.

For instance, when you are helping someone follow Jesus (or trying to learn to do this better yourself) it helps to learn how to read the Bible better. I am going to develop some downloadable helps for this. I may branch out to some youtube resources on this as well so someone could sit down and walk through these things and/or share video explanations of these principles with someone they are helping grow.

It also helps to know the big story of scripture. We will have a resource for that. It might even help to have various words defined (disciple, salvation, forgiveness, etc) from a biblical perspective. Not everyone has access to the latest resources. So we can produce these things to be used by those doing discipleship work, free of charge.

This is going to require me to branch out into other platforms like youtube and instagram. More on that later.

What resources would you see valuable in this journey? What would you like to see us produce for download that you could use personally or use with someone you are helping disciple?

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  1. Matt, the two current resources we are using as a congregation (along with many other congregations USA and worldwide) are “Every Believer a Witness” and the website that is still being developed for its final make-up. I believe it is mostly usable now though, but for a few small details.

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