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I decided that the topic that has been most on my heart lately, the Gospel, is so important that I made it the November theme for and so I will be posting the rest of the series that I have running around in my mind over at that site. I hope you will tune in there.

This would be a good time to mention Wineskins. It used to be a print magazine that started in 1992 with Mike Cope and Rubel Shelly. It moved to solely an online presence a number of years ago and I took on being the owner/editor a couple of years ago. It is an excellent site with some truly fantastic authors who write for Wineskins. Try out the main site and try out the archive of every article since 1992 in our Archive. You will find articles from Rick Warren, Henri Nouwen, and so many others in there that are worth the read!

I post to this site and that site on a regular basis so if you read here I hope you will check out my other site as well. Feel free to subscribe to the email feed for new articles both here and there!

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