Bible Study Tip #7 Rely on the Spirit

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The Bible is the word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Tim 3:16). The Spirit helped write the words that we have and the Spirit has full comprehension of the meaning of what the Spirit has communicated to us through the Bible. So the Spirit helps on the “speaking” end of the conversation. We often recognize that but what we talk about less frequently is that the Spirit can also help us on the “listening” end of the conversation. We see this in John 16:13 where Jesus says the Spirit will guide us in all truth. 2 Corinthians 2:13-14 tells us that there are things that the person of God will only be able to discern through the help of the Spirit who is in them. The Spirit has said what the Spirit has said in the text. We need to read it and try to understand it. The Spirit can help us come into closer connection with the text by helping us be in a position to receive those words with greater openness…to listen with greater clarity. People of the Spirit, who have the fruit of the Spirit, will be in a better position to understand the words of the Spirit than people who are consumed with fleshly things.

So when you read the Bible rely on the Spirit to humble you. Rely on the Spirit to take away your pride. Lean in on the Spirit to open your heart and mind to let what the Spirit has already communicated actually be heard so that the words and work of the Spirit can transform us to be more like Jesus. There are far too many times I read the Bible without any consideration of the Spirit who is the very author of the words I read. I am trying to do a better job to rely on the Spirit in my study…not for some kind of fresh revelation…the Bible already tells me what I need to know, rather to be in a state of mind and spirit to receive the things that Spirit is telling me through the text.

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