A New Year’s Resolution I Promise You Can Keep

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Here it is – Fail at something.

I don’t mean fail because you didn’t try. That isn’t failing. That is laziness. I mean fail because you tried something daring. Fail because you stepped out beyond your comfort zone. Fail because you stretched to be closer to your capacity. If you don’t fail at anything this year, shame on you. It means you aren’t trying very hard.

So try some new things. Get involved. Get your hands dirty. Rejoice in the failure because the journey will be worth every moment of it and the reward of personal growth will outweigh the negative feelings you have about not succeeding in the way you would have liked to.

Often our success metric is measuring the wrong things. We are usually measuring if we reach the end goal. Success can also happen along the way even when the goal isn’t reached.

So I know it is a little late to adopt a New Year’s Resolution but I hope you will consider adopting this one, even if it is late in the year. Let me know what you fail at and what happened along the way. I would love to hear your stories.

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