The Profound Presence of Christ

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There are moments in life when Jesus feels extra present. We might consider those “holy moments” and the space those moments occupy “holy ground” or “sacred space.” The reality is Jesus is always with us, it is just more obvious some moments than others.

When Jesus was on the earth he was always divine. There weren’t any days when his divine-o-meter was down a few notches. No. Jesus was God in the flesh every moment of every day. Yet, we also recognize there were moments when that reality were more obvious than others: at his baptism, the transfiguration, post-resurrection, at his arrest when they all hit the floor, etc. Jesus’ divinity hadn’t increased but the experience of it by those around him was heightened to a large degree.

I think these two things are parallel. Jesus is always with us but sometimes it is more obvious than others. When have you had a moment like that? How do we come to see Jesus more clearly in the less obvious moments?

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